Farm Fresh Steelhead Trout & Roasting Chicken

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Watersong Farms

Farm Fresh steelhead trout & Roasting Chicken

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Thank you for your interest in Watersong Farms, please email us at for updates on farm gate sales, trout, chickens, butcher shop, smokehouse, farmers market locations, etc. Our products, pricing, availability, etc. are constantly being updated if not weekly, daily.

If you would like to be on our client list to receive any of this info on a regular basis , please forward your name and preferred email address. We will be in touch with you as quickly as possible, and thank you again!

Local ~ Fresh ~ Sustainable

Adding to our already diverse province, Watersong Farms is host to a state of the art simulated indoor river teeming with tens of thousands of steelhead trout just 20 minutes northwest of Winnipeg in Manitoba's beautiful Interlake.

Built to raise a total of 140 metric tonnes of fish annually in fresh water, straight from the aquifer, recycled (98-99%) and nutrient rich, enough to feed 10 acres of greenhouses.

We also produce fresh Whole Roasting Chicken on our farm available spring and fall.

Clearly sustainable and ensuring nothing but a positive impact on farmland and community, we are able to provide the freshest possible fish and chicken to folks from all walks of life, close to home.

Our list of products includes:

Interested in "Our" Story?

In 1959, Leslie's parents Chris and Helen (Rodway) Riddell purchased the farm we are on today. As newlyweds, they not only moved into the original farm house (built in the 1890’s) they began more


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